Dr. Abdullah R. Muhammad

Abdullah R. Muhammad, who was born in Georgetown, SC, spent his formative years in Baltimore, MD, where he lived for 38 years. He moved to Delaware in 2003, after spending 10 years studying and teaching in New York City, where he successfully completed two master’s degrees in education, taught for 10 years and served as principal for one year. After serving one year in the Colonial School District, Dr. Muhammad concentrated his efforts on writing a reader-friendly history book to capsulate the pivotal history of Delaware.  This one-of-a-kind history book, The Making of Delaware One Day at a Time quickly became the $1-selling history book in the state that was preceded by his #1-selling Delaware History calendar—2007-2012.  Dr. Muhammad’s long-time relationship with the New Sweden Centre and his success as an author made him the ideal candidate for writing the first-ever scholarly book on the life of Antoni Swart aka Black Anthony, New Sweden’s lone African settler.  Not only was Muhammad successful in completing the first scholarly book on Antoni, but also the first person to honor Antoni with a 375th Anniversary celebration in 2014 and the unveiling of his newest book, Africans in New Sweden: The Untold Story.  Shortly after the release of his newest book, he was hired by Delaware State University as an Adjunct Professor of History, where he completed his doctoral requirements in record time. Currently, Dr. Muhammad is focusing his time and effort on gaining educational parity and equity for students of color in America’s educational system, preserving and safeguarding the history of Delaware and its non-white schools, and completing a long-overdue historical dialogue with some of Delaware’s leading voices in the ageless discussion of Delaware’s racial history since the Brown v. Board of Education Decision.