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PDI owns and operates the Marian Coffin Gardens at Gibraltar

To join PDI (Annual Dues):

Student $10
Individual $25
Household $45
Preservation Donor $100
Preservation Patron $250
Cornerstone $1,000
Keystone $5,000

To Sponsor the Garden Gala:

Diamond $1,500
Heart $1,000
Spade $500
Club $250

Donors will be recognized

Speedos to Tuxedos

You are invited to celebrate the Centennial of the Marian Coffin Gardens at Gibraltar (Pennsylvania Ave at Greenhill)

September 9, 2017 11:00AM to 11:00PM

PDI fundraiser focuses on restoring the pool (“speedos”) and the fountains (“tuxedos”) to the vision of Marian Cruger Coffin

Tickets: $50.00 day or night (kids under 7 are free)

Live Entertainment, Food, Drinks and The Garden

For tickets online, please click the link below and enter the total amount for the number of tickets or mail a check to the address below.


Preservation Delaware, Inc | 901 N Market St, Suite 469 | Wilmington, DE 19801 | (302) 332 7100