PDI’s Field Rep is New Director of DSU Historic Preservation Program

It’s official. In July I was appointed the director of the graduate program in Historic Preservation for Delaware State University. This provides an exciting opportunity to connect the field services that Preservation Delaware and the National Trust for Historic Preservation support with the opportunity to train future preservationists in real-world preservation problems and practice.

The Historic Preservation Program at Delaware State University in Dover is geared for non-traditional students by focusing class time on the weekends. As a historically black college/university,preservation issues relating to the preservation of African American historic resources has been the focus of the program since its inception in 2000 under the direction of Dr. Bradley Skelcher, now the Associate Provost of Delaware State University.

In these times of shrinking capacity in the non-profit and government sectors, historic preservation field services in Delaware have been hit especially hard. The Partners in the Field Grant program will now provide funding opportunities for students and recent graduates in historic preservation to provide needed field services across the state under my close supervision and direction. While run from Delaware State University, opportunities will be available to any person in training to become a historic preservationist or recent preservation graduate.

This is an exciting opportunity to create a mechanism to provide a continuing program of field service to the Delaware public that will continue into the future as well as provide training that will provide a leg up for those new preservation professionals looking for work in an increasingly competitive job market.

Robin Krawitz

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