Meet Our Newest Colleague Member, the Friends of the Patio

The Friends of The Patio is a group of people interested in the preservation and restoration of the John J. Raskob estate at Archmere, particularly the mansion which has become known as “The Patio.” Raskob, his wife Helena and their 13 children lived at Archmere from 1910 to 1932. Among his many accomplishments, Raskob, a protégé of Pierre S. duPont, was a partner in the construction of New York’s Empire State Building and served as chair of the Democratic National Committee from 1928 through 1932. Archmere became the campaign headquarters of Alfred E. Smith during the 1928 presidential campaign.

According to W. Barksdale Maynard, author of Buildings of Delaware, Archmere is “Delaware’s finest example of twentieth-century residential Italianate.” The incredible home with its innovative stained glass skylight covering the courtyard and Escallette marble fountain is on the National Register of Historic Places. Since 1932 Archmere has been a private secondary school, Archmere Academy.

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